Artist Statement

Jeffrey Rudd began his pursuit of photography while living in Monterey. He had the good fortune of being mentored by an accomplished large-format film photographer who taught him techniques of black and white landscape photography. This initial education was grounded in the principles of Group f64, which espoused black and white photography of a very realistic nature … crisp focus, deep depth of field, and few, if any, staged or embellished scenes. Although his goals and techniques have evolved with time, he continues to strive for properly exposed images under ideal lighting conditions and simple compositions that direct the eye to the important elements of the scene. Additionally, he strives to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. It is quite common to be caught breathless by a spectacular vista, but the emotional response to seeing a lowly flower growing alongside the path depends not only on the flower, but on the mood of the viewer as well. Capturing and conveying this mundane, yet profound experience is a common theme and the essential goal of his work. Ultimately, he believes that finding beauty amongst the imperfection and chaos of the world we occupy is fulfilling, but conveying that beauty and the attendant emotion through photography is transcendent.

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