About My Style

I am fortunate to live a simple life in a truly beautiful place along the western shores of Puget Sound on the Olympic Peninsula.  My photography consists primarily of those things that I encounter in my life on the peninsula, from the shorelines and coastal communities, through the forest and rivers, up to the subalpine meadows and the snowy peaks of the Olympic Mountains. The goal of my photography is not to document these encounters, but to convey what they mean to me. I attempt to capture the beauty and spirit of everyday, mundane matters.

My style was initially influenced by the work of Group f/64, with its talented and famous photographers. While living in the Monterey area, I began shooting medium format black and white negatives. The subject matter was ordinary things located where I lived. I spent time on the Big Sur coast as well as inland at Pinnacles National Monument.

Although I, like most everyone, can be caught breathless by a splendid panorama, I tend to shoot the less spectacular. A photographer who I regard highly, Morley Baer, captured the concept perfectly when he said:

“Ansel had photographed all of the spectacular vistas, and done it magnificently! There was no need to do it again and, besides, I have always been taken with the commonplace, the unspectacular subjects.” Morley Baer

Although influenced by the likes of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Brett Weston and Morley Baer, I attempt to develop my own unique style. More recently, I have been studying the work of contemporary photographers and have expanded my own work into color.  A vital part of my work is to have a unique point of view. There are many very good photographs that are imitated in images that are uploaded to internet sites every day. I try hard to resist the temptation to do “my own version” of a famous work, but instead, to simply do “my version” of what I encounter in life. A contemporary photographer who does most of his work in the northern plains has coined a phrase that captures this perfectly:

“There is no Eye in Cliche” Chuck Kimmerle

It is hard, if not impossible, to avoid cliched images altogether.  The most any of us can do is attempt to remain unique. 

Thanks for visiting my site.  I hope you see something that moves you.  If so, please leave a comment on the image or send me a note from the Contact page.

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